Read Before Registering

Registered User and Product Registration Process

To become a Registered User of the Code of Practice for Whole Grain Ingredient Content Claims you will need to complete the following steps online:

  1. Login to the GLNC website
  2. Complete a Registered User application form here
  3. Upload a copy of your Registered User application form signed by an authorised company representative
  4. Complete and upload the Product Registration Form with details of all products to be registered

Watch our short webinar demonstrating the Code in action here…

Reference material: GLNC Code of Practice

To start the registration process click here

If you have any questions please contact the Code Manager at codemanager@glnc.org.au or call 0428 941 664

Next steps after registration

You will receive an automatic email acknowledging your online submission. GLNC will countersign the Registered User application form and return a copy to you for your records. Products registered to carry the whole grain ingredient content claims do not require approval from GLNC as submission of the Product Registration Form serves as notification of use of the Claims. Once the Product Registration form is received by GLNC the products may carry the claim.

If you have applied for GLNC certification on whole grain foods, you need to wait until you receive approval from GLNC. GLNC will contact you within 2 working days from the receipt of your application with further details on the approval process.

Making changes after you are registered

Please keep a copy of your completed Product Registration Form Excel file. To ensure confidentiality a copy of this file is not kept on the GLNC website. To remove, change or add new products from Code Registration you will need to update your local Product Registration Form Excel file. You can then log in to this website and upload the revised Product Registration Form Excel file as well as update your contact details.

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