Complaints of alleged breaches of the Code will be addressed in an equitable, objective and unbiased manner through the complaint lodgement and handling process. Complaints should, in the first instance, be directed to the Code Manager and be made using the Complaints Submission Form available here.

On receipt of a Complaint, GLNC will follow this Complaints Handling Procedure as set out here.  The Code Manager will advise the Registered User against whom the Complaint is made. The Code Manager may also at any time consult with the Complaints Advisory Committee. If a breach of the Code has occurred, the Registered User must consult with the Code Manager in relation to any remedial action which is proposed to address that breach.

Complaints against companies who are not Registered Users may be directed to the Code Manager in the first instance. These cannot be assessed formally for non-compliance against the Code; however, the Code Manager will contact the company and invite them to amend the relevant labels and to become a Registered User.

Code Complaints Advisory Committee
The Complaints Advisory Committee will provide advice and guidance on an as needed basis in relation to any Complaints or breaches of the Code. If a Complaint is made, or a breach of the Code has occurred, the Code Manager or the GLNC Board may, at any time, refer that matter to the Complaints Advisory Committee for assessment and recommendation of an appropriate course of action to address that Complaint or Code breach. Any recommendations of the Complaints Advisory Committee will not be binding on GLNC or the affected Registered User. However, the Code Manager or the GLNC Board (as appropriate) will have regard to those recommendations when dealing with the relevant Complaint or Code breach.

There are 5 members on the Code Complaints Advisory Committee:

  • Chair
  • Food industry representatives (2)
  • External stakeholders (2)

The Complaints Advisory Committee will meet on an ‘as needed’ basis.

For full details on the Code Complaints Handling Procedure refer to Part 7 of the Code. The Code of Practice Complaints Handling Procedure can be downloaded here.

For full details on the administration of the Code download a copy of the Code of Practice for Whole Grain Ingredient Content Claims.

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