This June 12-19 2022, we’re celebrating Whole Grain Week. A unique collaboration between the Grains & Legumes Nutrition Council and the entire food supply chain; from grain growers, food manufacturers, retailers, dietitians and other health-focused organisations – we’re working together to encourage increased consumption of whole grains in Australian diets.

Together with these organisations, we’re encouraging Australians to consumer more whole grains for whole body health, with beautifully curated recipes, tips and tricks for storage and preparation, interactive video content, industry focused webinars, resources and all the health information they need to make informed purchasing decisions.  We know that whole grains are packed full of key nutrients for healthy bodies, and we want to share that message. The Grains & Legumes Nutrition Council recommend consuming 48g of whole grain per day, to reach your daily dietary intake.


We’ve been working with nutritionist, dietitians and industry, to bring you our favourite whole grain recipes. From easy mid-week meals to gourmet adventures and even kid friendly options, we’ve got your cooking inspo sorted.   

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Did you know: Eating 2-3 serves of whole grains and high fibre grain foods each day may reduce risk of chronic disease by up to 30%

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