Love Lupins Campaign

We’re celebrating our Love Lupins campaign from 9-22 August 2021!

Lupins are a relatively little-known legume, offering big nutrition benefits – they’re one of the richest sources of plant-based protein and contain high levels of dietary fibre and other essential nutrients. To get involved with our campaign…

  1. Find out more about the health benefits of lupins here
  2. Find your local lupin stockist here
  3. Download our new lupin e-book here and find out just how easy it is to add lupins to your day!
  4. Support us on social and download our Social Media Toolkit here

The Love Lupins campaign is the result of a collaboration between GLNC and the National Lupins for Food Education Campaign, which is funded by the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development and the Grain Industry Association of Western Australia. The collaboration aims to encourage more people to consider lupins as a food product, facilitating business growth, value-adding and increased employment in Western Australia.


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