Changing consumer needs and McKenzie’s SuperBlend range

We know that consumers are looking for quick and easy sources of nutritious foods, with foods high in fibre and high in protein being among the top 3 favourite claims consumers look for.* The McKenzie’s SuperBlend products were developed with this in mind.

The McKenzie’s SuperBlend range is making it easier for consumers to include quality carbohydrates, such as whole grains and legumes, into their diets. Available in three different varieties, each variant has been blended specifically to target a nutritional platform – Protein, Fibre and Energy. Ingredients include: lentils, quinoa, pearl barley, freekeh and quick-cook beans.

The other important factor in developing these products was to overcome the barrier and perception of how long it takes to prepare and cook legumes as well as leverage consumer insights that consumers associate legumes with protein and fibre*. . To increase convenience, quick-cook beans are included in the SuperBlend products. This means both the SuperBlend Fibre and SuperBlend Protein can be prepared within 15 minutes.

SuperBlend is great as a tasty and healthy side dish, a boost to a winter soup or a nutritional addition to a salad. A quick snapshot of each of the SuperBlend variants:

McKenzie’s SuperBlend Fibre combines Australian Greenwheat Freekeh, lentils and quick cook beans to provide an excellent source of fibre blend. A serve of this blend will provide an average of 27% of the recommended daily fibre intake.

McKenzie’s SuperBlend Protein combines lentils, quinoa and quick cook beans to provide a good source of protein. A serve of this blend will provide an average of 20% of the recommended daily protein intake.

McKenzie’s SuperBlend Energy combines Pearl and Black Barley. Pearl and Black Barley are known to contain complex carbohydrates which provide a more steady supply of energy.

The SuperBlend range is available from Woolworths (located in the soup aisle).

*Source: Grains & Legumes Nutrition Council. 2014 Australian Grains and Legumes Consumption and Attitudinal Report. Unpublished: 2014.


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