#BreadFest 2021

We’re celebrating all things bread this November! From smashing sandwich recipes, to sharing insights from our recent bread audit, you can join in on all the action at our Instagram and Facebook pages!

Here are some key takeaways for the 2021 Bread Audit!

How to choose whole grain bread

Did you know that wholemeal bread is still considered whole grain? In fact, 2 slices of wholemeal bread can contribute on average 75% of the 48g Whole Grain Daily Target Intake or in some cases can even exceed the recommended target! These great sandwich recipes mean you can easily reach your recommended 48g per day. 

When choosing a wholemeal bread, make sure wholemeal flour is listed as the primary ingredient. Also look out for on pack claims such as “good source of whole grain” or “high in whole grain”

Bread as an alternative protein source

Did you know that whole grain breads can be a great source of protein? We’ve just done an audit on what’s on the shelves in Australian bread category. We’ve seen an increase in protein claims, by 35%, in the last 2 years. When you’re shopping look out for a protein level >5g per serve.  With Aussie consumers looking to reduce their overall meat consumption, whole grain bread is a great way to boost your intake of plant-based protein, iron and other nutrients and minerals.

Salt in bread?

Bread can be a key source of whole grain, plant protein and gut friendly fibre, but, the humble loaf is often criticised for its salt content. Bread can contribute to our daily sodium intake however, unlike most snacks foods where salt is added to enhance flavour, when it comes to baking bread, salt plays a very important and functional role. In great news for consumers, we’ve seen a reduction in sodium across the bread category for loaves and rolls. Check out our Hot Topic on why we add salt to bread. Read more here.

A healthy gut is a happy gut!

Gut health, 62% increase in gut health trends. But what is gut health? – link to hot topic

What to look for when you’re at the shops

  • Breads with a high dietary fibre content (>4 grams per serve)
  • Look for ingredients such as BARLEYmax

A healthy choice?

Are you looking for a healthier alternative to a white loaf? There are now over 200 whole grain breads to choose from in Australia, which tend to be higher in protein and dietary fibre and lower in sodium compared to refined, white bread. Look for products that have whole grain/wholemeal flour as a key ingredient. Also check out our whole grain searchable database.

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